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Professionals in Community Management

Forth Group specializes in Chicago community management in the city and suburbs. Our staff is comprised of seasoned professionals and our services are based on the latest web access technology for condominium and community associations. We utilize best practices within the community association industry to deliver excellent service at competitive rates.

Leading By Experience
Commitment To Technology
Dedication to Service

Our building is managed by the Forth Group and they've been wonderful. Very responsive and honest. There were several incidents at our building that required thier response in the middle of the night and they have not failed us. Plus they are so close by they often respond within minutes. Thanks guys. Two thumbs up!

Sam Y., Chicago

Forth Group has provided top-notch service. Calls get returned almost before they're made, our manager is friendly and professional, and the needs and wants of residents are provided for sometimes even before we're aware of them (I'm thinking in this last comment about the way in which Forth Group provided us with a new alternative for electricity). Forth Group, thanks to the efforts of manager, has become a model of responsive and responsible property management

David L., Chicago

I recently moved from Chicago and lived in a Forth Group managed community. They were always very attentive and on top of our community issues. Our manager was always a pleasure to speak with and was very knowledgeable. Thanks guys.

Candie G., Chicago

I am a member of our board and Forth Group has managed our association of 50+ units for several years. They are very responsive and professional, and always willing to work with our board if/when any issues may arise. Our manager is very good, especially in an emergency. We had a fire and water leaks in the past and he has always responded quickly and appropriately to mitigate the damage. I would highly recommend them.

Matthew C., Chicago

We just started using Forth Group this year. There were positive changes in the building during the first month they took over and things continue to fall into place. The manager is attentive to the board and residents. I would encourage you to check them out for yourself!

Steven S., Chicago