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For Resales

For resales

Please download and complete intent to sell form and send with a copy of the sales contract to, the sales contract should be on file prior to the release of the paid assessment letter.

Download Intent To Sell Form »

All orders for Lender’s Condo Questionnaires, 22.1 Disclosure and Paid Assessment letter through Note that the Paid Assessment Letter includes the Association’s Water account numbers required to order the Water Certificate from the City of Chicago, if the Association pays the water bills & Right of First Approval Waiver, if the Association has one. If you are a first time user of, follow the links on the site to register. Once your account has been activated, return to, click on the login button & follow the instructions on the site to access the information you are seeking. Your request will be submitted immediately to Forth Group, after payment of the fees. We will process the documents and you will be notified via email from, when your request is completed, usually between 3-5 business days. Association fees should be paid through the month of closing when the paid assessment letter is issued. All moves must be scheduled with the Association’s property manager, please review the association’s Rules & Regulations for specific information regarding time and any move fees / deposits that may be required. It is the responsibility of the seller to turn over all relevant materials regarding the unit and Association to the new owner, this includes, but is not limited to Association Documents, all Keys & gate/garage transmitters (if applicable.) To confirm that closing took place, a copy of the Closing Document should be sent to within 24 hours of closing. Current owner is responsible for assessments until the Closing Statement is received by management. We do not update our owner information until this is received.

For Refinances

For Refinances

If you are refinancing your mortgage, your lender should go to to request a Condo Questionnaire. Appraisers should email their requests to

Homewisedocs Information

Homewisedocs Information

The Standard turnaround time for any order is 6 business days, but are usually completed in 3-5 business days. There is are a number of rush options if needed. All Owners have access to all Association Documents through their owner portal, but they can also be ordered through

Options for ordering Lender’s Condo questionnaires:

  • Standard Lender bundle, includes standard questionnaire, Governing Docs, budget, COI
  • Premier Lender Bundle, includes standard questionnaire, All Documents noted above & meeting minutes,
  • Limited Lender Bundle, includes standard questionnaire, budget & COI only

There is an additional charge for Lender specific questionnaires.

Options for ordering 22.1 and Paid Assessment Letter:

  • 22.1 only OR Paid Assessment Letter only These documents can be ordered separately with NO SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS.
  • 22.1 DISCLOSURE PACKAGE: This includes the 22.1 disclosure only with all supporting Associations documents
  • 22.1 DISCLOSURE AND PAID ASSESSMENT LETTER BUNDLE: This is the best value – includes the 22.1 Disclosure, which is worked on & released within 3-5 business days; the Paid Assessment Letter, which is completed during the month of closing, if closing is more than 30 days from the order date; and all the supporting Association document.