Below are answers to many common questions. If you do not find your answer, please contact customer service at (312) 379-0400 option 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some common questions, if you have other questions or need a more detailed answer, please call (312) 379-0400 and select option 2 for customer service.

Assessment Payments

How do I pay my assessment?

After you have logged in click on the “Payment” tab – you can pay online or setup a recurring payment, you can also pay by check by mailing a check payable to your Association c/o the Forth Group, P.O. BOX 7716, Carol Stream, IL 60197-7716 (checks must include your account number – available on the Owner Portal online- under the “payments tab” or you can call us).

How can I check the balance on my account?

Login and click on the “Payment” tab – it will show your payment history and charges, if you have questions about your account call customer service 312-379-0400 option 2.

My automated payment was reversed or rejected, or says it has the wrong name, what happened?

Most times if payments are rejected it is a typo in either the routing or account numbers or the names on the account. You have to show the name on the account the same way it is shown at the bank. After you have tried to correct this and are still having trouble please contact us and we can contact the bank to see what may have happened.

I have an automatic withdrawal setup, but I am still getting a reminder for and overdue balance. Shouldn’t the auto payment take care of this?

Sometimes Owners forget they have incurred a charge for garage openers, keys, past late fees…etc. and carry a small balance. Automated payments are only setup by Owners in a specific amount and will not vary. If you incur an additional charge you will have to make an additional payment to pay your account in full.

Should I make my check payable to my Association or to Forth Group?

All payments must be made payable to your Association – please make checks payable to your association not Forth Group.

The automatic bill pay through my Bank says that my assessment payment has been processed, but I still received a reminder/overdue balance notice.

Many times Owners confuse that the “transaction has been processed” with the transaction has been “completed”. Bank and bill payment services will process and mail a check; the check is then received at the Association lockbox and processed into your association account. This process takes time for both banks to process the checks and the check to travel in the mail. If you need to make an immediate payment you have to login to the Owner Portal and create an electronic payment under the “Payment Tab”.

Repairs & Maintenance

I need a repair done in my condo, can you help?

The Association typically does not do repairs inside of a condo as that is your private property and part of what Owners are responsible for. We have a maintenance service that can do work for owners and Property Managers can recommend vendors that can help out Owners that need services.

There is something damaged or broken in the common areas of the building that affects me?

Please submit a task on the Association Web Site/Owner Portal, call customer service at 312-379-0400 option 2.

Contacts and Emergency

I cannot reach my Property Manager and would like to talk to someone right away, is there anybody else that can help me?

Please call 312-379-0400 option 2 for customer service. If your call is after hours and an emergency use option 4 for an emergency contact for your property manager.

Sale and Refinancing

How do I obtain a 22.1 disclosure form or a Paid Assessment letter?

Scheduling Moves and Utilities

I am moving - what do I do next?

You should review your rules and regulations to understand the rules, fees, and forms related to this, and then contact your property manager to set this up.

I need to have Comcast/ComEd/RCN/AT&T come to do work on my unit. How can I have the utility room opened so they can do their work?

Contact your property manager they will arrange this for you, please allow sufficient time to contact the manager and set this up.

Documents and Forms

How do I obtain a copy of my association’s master insurance policy?

You can login and click on the “directory tab” and there will be a link or contact number for your associations insurance agent that will provide a current certificate for you.

Where can I access my association’s R&R, Declaration, minutes and Bylaws…..etc?

On the Association Web Site/Owner Portal click on the “documents” tab and you will find all documents relevant to your association.

Association Web Site /Owner Portal Access

How do I login?

Click on the green “Owner Login” button at the top of this page or click here.

On the subsequent page, you will see the user name/password boxes on the right, if it is your first time click “First Time Visitor” on right.